Current Legislation & Policy

The Child Care Amendment Act 2015 was enacted on 1st September 2017. This means that eligibility for aftercare services changed from that date.

Section 45A of the Act places a statutory duty on Tusla Child & Family Agency to form a view in relation to each young person leaving care as to whether there is a ‘need for assistance‘. This assistance will be provided through the support of an Aftercare Worker.

The service offered will be based on a comprehensive assessment of need undertaken with each young person. This will determine the eligibility for support and level of support provided ahead.

Young people with a cumulative care history of 12 months between their 13th and 18th birthday are eligible for an assessment of need to determine their level of need for aftercare support.

Young people engaged in the aftercare service should have a comprehensive Aftercare plan completed six months before they turn eighteen.

The core age range for aftercare support is 18 up to 21 years. This may be extended up to 23 years of age if their education/training course is not completed by their 21st birthday.

Services are provided in partnership with a wide range of statutory and non-statutory agencies.

Tusla – Child and Family Agency provide a direct link on their Website to the 2017 ‘National Aftercare Policy for Alternative Care‘;

Including supporting documents on;