SUSI (Student Universal Support Ireland) is the single national Awarding Authority for all new student grant applications. Applications for Student Grants are assessed under the criteria set out in the Student Support Act 2011, Student Support Regulations and the Student Grant Scheme.

Applications are made online and are subject to supporting documentation.

Care Leavers are entitled to a Special Rate Maintenance Grant:

Information, see points 32 & 38:


Maintenance Non-adjacent Rate – Only paid if college is more than 45 KM from your home.

TUSLA are hoping to designate particular personnel in SUSI to process care leavers applications so that their application will be prioritised for processing. More to follow…..


  • Private Colleges – Students of private colleges are not eligible for a SUSI grant, either fee’s or maintenance grants
  • Changing courses – If a young person completes a course supported by a SUSI grant and then changes their mind and pursues a different course at the same educational level the following year, they will not be eligible for a SUSI grant for the new course at that same educational level. e.g. if a young person completes a FETAC Level 5 course in Catering and then commences a FETAC Level 5 course in Social Care the following year, they are not entitled to SUSI support.
  • NB: If a young person completes a FETAC level course without SUSI support and then commences a new course at the same educational level, they are still not entitled to a SUSI grant.
  • If a young person does not continue in a course that SUSI supported them in previously and then begins another course, they may not be eligible for future SUSI grants due to failing to complete their original course.
  • Non-National Care Leavers – Depending on their legal status post 18 years, non-national students may not be eligible for a SUSI grant, regardless of their previous circumstances of being a young person in the care of the state