Standard Aftercare Allowances (Education)

Under the “National Policy and Procedure Document, Leaving and Aftercare Services 2011”, TUSLA have a responsibility to support a young person where the person is involved in a course of education, by arranging the completion of his/her education by contributing towards his/her maintenance.

This support can continue up to 23 years for a young person, if they are continuing in Full-Time, Progressive Education.

This maintenance is provided through the continuation of payments to foster carers or paid directly to the student who is living independently.

Following extensive consultation, in 2015 Tusla introduced a Standardised National Aftercare Allowance for young people who have been in care for 12 months on their 16th birthday or for 12 consecutive months prior to their 18th birthday. This weekly standardised allowance of €300 per week ensures equality for all care leavers engaged in training and education.

Click here to view the Guidance Document for the Implementation of the Standardised Aftercare Allowance as provided on the TUSLA public website.